Hi, I have a vodafone unlocked iphone 5 currently on vodafone service. I have the latest software update 7.0.3. However, under „Settings“

Is iPhone 5 on Vodafone IE 4G LTE ready?

Hi. I bought iPhone 5 on Vodafone the day it came out. As you know, Vodafone is to bring 4G in Ireland this year, so I am wondering if the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Vodafone in Griechenland LTE – …

Gar nicht, das Verhalten ist völlig normal und in Deutschland genauso. LTE gibt es in Griechenland nicht!

iPhone 5 and LTE on Vodacom – Vodacom Community

MTN have announced that their LTE network will go commercial at the end of the year and as far as I know it’ll support iPhone 5 LTE. … My Vodafone; Search.

4g on iPhone 5 handset – Vodafone UK

Solved: Hi I recently upgraded from iPhone 5 to 6, my partner also has a Vodafone 4g contract but his mob is damaged so he is using my iPhone 5

iPhone 5 4G/LTE not working | Official Apple Support …

2013-02-14 · Hello all. I have an iPhone 5 and I’m on the UK based network EE. I have a 4G/LTE contract and i’m in a 4G/LTE enabled area but its not working.

iPhone 5 iOS 6.1 LTE Upgrade – Vodacom Community

Just upgraded to iOS6.1 which finally allows the iPhone 5 to connect to Vodacom’s LTE network. I’ve noticed a worrying issue though, … My Vodafone; Search.

Solved: I Phone 5 “ no service “ solution – Vodacom Community

Apple iPhone: I Phone 5 “ no service “ solution; … they said they needed to activate LTE in my account which they did, … Vodafone Recommends.

iPhone: iphone 5 5c 5s which is not 4g – Apple

: The iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5S are all capable of using 4G LTE data.

Solved: iPhone 5 4G – Vodafone Community

Solved: I know Vodafone didn’t support 4G/LTE on the iPhone 5 when 4G was first launched now that Vodafone are rolling out (I think it’s band 3) 4G

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